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jediphotography's Journal

Jedi Photography
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The Amature Photography of a Jedi

we're all searching for a guiding light

This is the photography community of jediknightmuse.
1. Membership is moderated, so you'll need to 'watch' the community to see the entries, since they're going to be friends only.
2. Please do not use any of the pictures I've posted anywhere without my permission, though honestly I can't imagine anyone really wanting to use any of them for anything even with permission.
3. I'm not looking for any actual criticism by posting my photography here. Mostly it's just a place to post the pictures without spamming my journal with them, and to give those who are interested a place to go to if they want to see the picture. Keep in mind that I'm still an amateur and I have a lot to learn, especially with the SLR camera.

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